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Solar Eclipse 2017

I was wondering the Openhand perspective on solar eclipses. Intuitively to me, it feels like a gateway/opportunity to lose what no longer serves and embrace a new way of being.

This particular coming solar eclipse on August 21 seems to be especially interesting as it coincides with new moon. Also according to the short video by the Peruvian Shamanic Wisdom, this one seems special as it starts in north west of Pacific waters (mention of Lemuria) and ends over Canaries (remnants of Atlantida).

Personally, I haven't verified or subscribe to all of the above information but the event feels significant. I am even feeling like fasting a day before the eclipse.

With Love,

P.S. The say it is dangerous to look directly at eclipse but will look at it at least partially. Here, it is going to be around 90% of the eclipse.

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Hi Anatoly,

Eclipses mean to me endings and beginnings.
And I think you're right, this one on August 21st will be very significant. It's powerful numerology.

Let's be aware of what takes place!

Open Ok